The 2016 Autumn "Time for Change" event will fund the continuing services for homeless families in Warren County.

Time for Change 


See the event flier here​!

During the semi-annual Daylight Savings events, IHNWC and other organizations looking to assist host weeklong fundraisers that are made possible by the change in your pocket. How does it work? Local businesses, churches, and the IHNWC office collect spare change, and forward it into IHNWC's time for change initiative.


A few coins here and there may not seem like much, but in previous events enough funding was raised to purchase items like a new vehicle, structural roofing, and new beds shelter-wide. The event this year is our most important ever: IHNWC is expanding into additional building space and doubling shelter capacity. The changes this will make in our community are immeasurable: currently, families may remain on the waitlist for two or more months. During this time, local children and their parents are sleeping in cars, in houses they are not wanted, or in another location not intended for habitation. With double our current capacity, we hope to get more families into homes in a quicker timeframe - and you can help make it possible.


Beginning on November 6, 2016 the Time for Change fundraising week begins. Proceeds from this event will provide IHNWC with funding needed for daily operations. All it takes is a quick stop at the IHN office or a partnering organization! Stop by and see us at 203 E. Warren Street in Lebanon, Ohio! If you are not able to stop by, but would still like to help out, IHNWC accepts PayPal donations.


Click here for a personal account from a family during their time at IHNWC; highlighting the importance of this semi-annual event.


Would you or a business, organization, or church you know of like to contribute by collecting change? Contact the IHNWC office to participate in this most important event!