Sycamore Presbyterian Church

11800 Mason Road
Cincinnati, OH 45249

(513) 683-0254


Sycamore Presbyterian Church has been deeply involved with the IHNWC program since the very beginning. Their service to community families is stated perfectly by a member of their congregation:

"SPC has been participating in the IHNWC program since 1998.  We believe our program has been successful because of the overwhelming support of our congregation (as one member stated “IHN is the most worthwhile program we are involved with”). 


We welcome the Warren County homeless families four times a year, and we start preparing for each rotation three weeks prior to their visit.  How do we prepare?  We have a table outside our sanctuary for three Sundays where people can sign up for many different opportunities to serve; e.g., helping to set up the rooms for our guests, bringing items for our pantry, preparing a portion of a meal, furnishing perishable items such as milk, lunch meat, bread, etc., acting as hosts for dinner, evening or overnight stays, volunteering to do laundry, and lastly, helping to tear down the rooms and return them to their original state. 


We are fortunate to have four SPC organizations furnish an evening meal (our Student Ministries, The StoneMasons (a men’s group), Harmony Circle (a women’s bible study), and the SPC Singles.  Our menus are healthy, and created by a certified dietitian.

We encourage our guests to take advantage of the variety of crafts offered.  We provide many hands on activities for the guests and they take great pride in their projects or art work. The parents especially seem to enjoy them.  We have a playground for the children, weather permitting, and a basketball hoop for the teens.  Of course, we also have plenty of activities, toys, etc. for the children.

Our Mission Committee supports IHNWC with funds quarterly, and we participate in the July Run4Home program with congregation sponsors for our walkers/runners.  We have also been successful gathering financial support through the November Time for Change.  Our motto is “YOUR CHANGE CAN CHANGE LIVES”. We were honored to be included in the IHN Website in order to promote the program and encourage other churches to participate."


- Sycamore Presbyterian Church Volunteer




Sycamore Presbyterian Church in Cincinnati


Want to get involved? Contact Sycamore's Network Coordinator: Peggy (


Interested in becoming a host congregation? Call our office and speak with Linda Rabolt.


IHNWC office: (513)934-5250


IHNWC houseguests always find a way to thank their hosts. Here, a heartfelt thank you is left for the Sycamore team

Sycamore's 2016 Core IHNWC Team: (left to right) Barb Davis, Sue Moore, Jim Moore, Alice Cook, Peggy Jacobs

Teary eyed children have been known to make appearances! Here volunteers are entertaining children after dinner

Sycamore volunteers preparing dinner

Older children and parents alike use Sycamore's  facilities to relax after a long day

Sycamore hosts a craft night for the families each rotation

Sycamore's Sunday School students made pillows for IHNWC guests to move into their new homes with!