Northeast Church of Christ

12020 Southwick Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45241

(513) 489-4659


Northeast Church of Christ is deeply involved with the Warren County  and Cincinnati communities, whos efforts make a definitive impact on local families. Northeast Church of Christ handles between three and four weeks of overnight hosting and meal preparation. Locally, Northeast Church of Christ also conducts ministries for winter clothing, back to school supplies, assisted Christmas shopping benefitting familes in need, and local youth. 


Although very impactful locally, the outreach of the Northeast Church of Christ congregation is not confined to any region. Their service log includes mission trips to Haiti, Thailand, and multiple trips to Mexico.

Northeast Church of Christ's dedication to enabling the IHN mission has helped hundreds of local families find a permanent home. If you or your congregation want to facilitate local change, or simply help Northeast Church of Christ continue to meet the growing demands of our local community, please see the contact information provided below.

Northeast Church of Christ Coordinator: if you wish to assist Northeast Church of Christ, please contact:


Diane Halpin (IHN Coordinator):

Diane Clemons (IHN Coordinator):

IHNWC Executive Director: interested in becoming a host congregation? Contact our director, Linda Rabolt:; (513)934-5250







Northeast Church of Christ in Cincinnati, Ohio


Want to get involved? Contact Northeast Church of Christ's Network Coordinator(s): Diane Halpin (; Diane Clemons (


Interested in becoming a host congregation? Call our office and speak with Linda Rabolt.


IHNWC office: (513)934-5250