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Lebanon Presbyterian Church (LPC) has worked with IHNWC from the very beginning. In the summer of 1998, Lebanon Presbyterian Church helped get the shelter running by donating IHNWC's main building of operations. Several members of the congregation volunteered to serve on our Board of Directors.


LPC is a long standing representative of what community service should look like in Warren County. Twice a week, the congregation prepares meals for community members who struggle to put food on their own table. Over the summer LPC hosts our Christmas in July event, and also organizes “Joy Rides”, which are fun day activities prepared for low-income children. In direct assistance to the IHNWC program, their congregation has dedicated over 17 years serving as a temporary shelter for families in Warren County.


The process of serving the community not only benefits those in need; volunteer work provides those who serve with a unique sense of accomplishment. As a community servant, one saves resources (which commonly aren’t available in the form of wages or salary) while making a direct improvement to their community. As stated by LPC coordinator Rita Poth,


"One of the ways that our participation in IHN has benefitted members of LPC is the opportunity it has provided for families to volunteer together and experience the richness of service as a family. Interactions between children of volunteer families and IHN families are illustrations of the hospitality that can be learned and shared across all ages."


Presented below are just some of the outcomes from LPC’s service to homeless families:


"Inside Baseball": A volunteer's account of a child's rewarding happiness


A Night Volunteering through a Servant's Eyes


Benefits to LPC from a Historical View: written by LPC member Barbara Aberlin




Want to get involved? Contact Lebanon Presbyterian Church's Network Coordinator!


Network Coordinator: Rita Poth (rpoth@cinci.rr.com)


Interested in becoming a host congregation? Call our office and speak with Linda Rabolt.




Lebanon Presbyterian Church from N. East Street

Dave Anson helps an IHNWC guest mount "Moose" the horse

LPC uses a puppet "stage" to share stories with IHNWC children

Volunteers Heather & Matt Forster preparing dinner

Volunteers Roger & Ginny Sims, Rob McLagan & daughter Lauren

Volunteer Velma Riley with several house guests

IHNWC houseguests playing the a congregation member's dog, "Curley"

LPC volunteer and IHNWC houseguest having a little fun outside after dinner

LPC volunteers working with IHNWC houseguests