Host congregations provide their worship facilities four weeks each year to serve as a shelter for IHNWC families. A designated space for IHNWC houseguests to reside is furnished with IHNWC bedding, where houseguests will spend each night. Host weeks begin Sunday evening, and end the following Sunday morning. Families arrive each night at 6 PM and will stay until 7 AM the next morning. The host church will need to have additional capabilities:


  1. Space to host up to 6 families (17 individuals)

  2. The ability to provide all meals. Self-prepared breakfasts and sack lunches are sufficient.

  3. Provision of utilities (IHNWC will provide showers)

  4. Men's & Women's restrooms with baby-changing stations

  5. A living area to accommodate adults, and a play area for children

  6. A volunteer to serve as Primary Coordinator. The Primary Coordinator recruits the needed volunteers for the week, attends scheduled meetings, and acts as the main contact with IHNWC headquarters 

  7. Two to six volunteers per night, who have attended an orientation session and who can live onsite during the hosting week. A total of up to 50 volunteers may be needed per week

  8. 30 minute driving distance from downtown Lebanon


Host churches make a one-year commitment in writing at the onset of hosting services. Host churches should also consider promoting and supporting all IHNWC events, and budgeting an annual contribution to support the IHNWC mission.





Support congregations do not host IHNWC houseguests overnight. Instead, support congregations organize volunteers and prepare meals to assist the host congregation in carrying out their duties. Support congregations are also encouraged to promote and support all IHNWC events, and consider budgeting an annual contribution to support IHNWC's mission.








Current Host Congregations


  1. Heritage Presbyterian Church (Mason, OH)

  2. Lebanon Presbyterian Church (Lebanon, OH)

  3. Lebanon United Methodist Church (Lebanon, OH)

  4. St. Patrick's Episcopal Church (Lebanon, OH)

  5. Resurrection Lutheran Church (Lebanon, OH)

  6. Sycamore Presbyterian Church (Sycamore Township, OH)

  7. North East Church of Christ (Mason, OH)

  8. Our Lady of Sorrows (Monroe, OH)

  9. North Cincinnati Community Church (Mason, OH)

  10. Springboro First United Methodist Church (Springboro, OH)

  11. Cobblestone Community Church (Lebanon, OH)

  12. New Freedom Church (Lebanon, OH)

  13. Lifehouse Church (Lebanon, OH)


The Lebanon Presbyterian Church hosts IHNWC families four weeks each year. Lebanon Presbyterian began hosting in 1998.

Current Support Congregations


  1. St. Susanna Church (Mason, OH)

  2. Pleasant Plain Presbyterian (Pleasant Plain, OH)

  3. Lakeview United Church of Christ (Maineville, OH)

  4. Tru Kingdom Ministries (Englewood, OH)

  5. St. Mary Magdelene (Maineville, OH)

  6. Nexus Church (Springboro, OH)

  7. Bethany United Church of Christ (Lebanon, OH)

  8. Grace Community Presbyterian (Maineville, OH)

  9. Monroe United Methodist (Monroe, OH)

  10. Monroe Presbyterian (Monroe, OH)

  11. The River Church (Liberty Township, OH)

  12. First Church of God (Monroe, OH)

  13. Springboro United Church of Christ (Springboro, OH)

  14. Pilgrim South (Springboro, OH)

  15. Southwest Church (Springboro, OH)

  16. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Lebanon, OH)

  17. Hope Evangelical Free Church (Mason, OH)

  18. Impact Church (Lebanon, OH)

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