Heritage Presbyterian Church

6546 S. Mason Montgomery Road



"Making Room at the Inn for 18 Years"


One of the founding churches in 1998 of the Warren County Interfaith Hospitality Network, Heritage Presbyterian Church has held about 70 hosting weeks for the homeless to date. 


“IHN hosting is our single most important mission commitment as a congregation,” says Pastor Kevin Stainton. “This is the mission closest to home - in fact, in our home. We invite families into our church home for a week at a time, accepting the biblical challenge of making room at the inn for those who have no place to stay.” 


For the Heritage congregation, IHN is the mission which requires the greatest number of volunteers and presents the greatest opportunities for face-to-face, person-to-person contact with strangers in need, says Charley McCaulou, mission committee chair. Each IHN hosting enlists volunteers for 42 primary positions. “There’s something suited to nearly anyone and we’ve broken down the jobs into hour or two commitments so many hands make for easy work.” 


Founded out of the 1991 merger of two pioneer churches in Deerfield Township – Somerset Presbyterian (1829) and Mason Presbyterian (1815) – Heritage built its new church to accommodate overnight guests. “We can house up to five families for an IHN week, providing each with the privacy of their own room,” says Charley. 


In addition to hosting the homeless quarterly, Heritage is a financial sponsor of IHN’s Run for Home Fourth of July fundraiser, church members participate in the race. while others annually flank the timing gates providing bottled water to finishers. 


Want to get involved? Contact Heritage Presbyterian Church's Network Coordinator!


Network Coordinator(s): Karen Satterfield (karensatterfield@gmail.com)

        Nick Tymitz (nick.tymitz@gmail.com)


Interested in becoming a host congregation? Call our office and speak with Linda Rabolt.




Heritage Presbyterian Church in Mason, Ohio

Heritage Presbyterian Church has been a strong component of IHN's Run 4 Home 5k since the first annual in 1996

Guest bedroom ready for family’s arrival. Heritage can provide private rooms for up to five homeless families. 

The setup team for Heritage’s hosting (from left): Nelson and Suzanne Kennedy, Paul Schmidt, Nick Tymitz and daughter Olivia, Rosemary Marshall, Leslie Dauer-Creek, and Karen Satterfield. Nelson, Nick and Karen, are tri-captains for IHN hostings.

Rosemary Marshall and helper Olivia Tymitz make up a bed for a new hosting week

Heritage Presbyterian volunteers assisting with set up

Volunteer preparing a meal for IHN house guests

Heritage members pass out bottled water at the finish of IHN’s Fourth of July Race for Home fundraiser