Frequently Asked Questions


1) I (or someone I know) is homeless but is not part of a homeless family.          Where can I (or they) obtain assistance? 


Homelessness is certainly not constrained to families in Warren County. While IHNWC is a family shelter, there are other shelters nearby who can assist. Furthermore, Warren County is host to an entire array of Community Agencies who can assist during a hardship. For the entire list of shelters and Community Agencies, view the First Call for Help page published by Warren County.



2) I am experiencing a hardship, but your services offered cannot assist            me. Can you point me in the right direction for help?


IHNWC can help point community members in the right direction for need-based assistance. For the entire list of Community Agencies, view the First Call for Help page published by Warren County.



3) I currently have no children, but I am pregnant. I have nowhere to go.            Can IHNWC assist me?


IHNWC can take in pregnant women with no children, so long as they qualify for the program. 


4) I am facing eviction. Can IHNWC help prevent me from becoming                    homeless?


In certain circumstances, IHNWC can assist. Should you have a source of income that falls within the Homeless Crisis Response Program's guidelines, we may be able to assist you. 


5) I am homeless, but do not live in Warren County. Can IHNWC assist me?


IHNWC is only funded to support families from Warren County. However, IHNWC can assist you in locating a shelter in your area if you are unable to do so. 

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