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1) I would like to donate an item to IHNWC, however I do not know how            much the item is worth. How can I determine how much to deduct?


The IRS has published an article to assist donors in evaluating the worth of their non-cash donations. The publication can be viewed here. Please note that any soft-material good (eg clothing or furniture) that is not in gently used condition cannot be deducted on income taxes.


2) During the holiday season, I would like to do something to assist                    IHNWC families. How can I help?


IHNWC assists all current and former (within one year) houseguests with holiday preparations. The planning for these events begins early in the Fall. The traditional type of assistance is family gift sponsorship. Other types of special assistance may be available during the holiday season. Planning is normally done with plenty of advance; don't delay in contacting the IHNWC office.


3) I would like to donate household goods or furniture to IHNWC, but am          unsure if they are in good enough condition, or if the item is of any use        to a formerly homeless family.


A good rule of thumb for evaluating a donation's usefulness is a simple question: Would you use this item in your own home? Items that are no longer being used because they are broken or heavily worn cannot be used by IHNWC. Gently used items that are not excessive in size or weight are urgently needed by IHNWC families.


4) I would like to volunteer with your organization, but have a specific              type of work in mind. Can I volunteer with IHNWC?


There is no clear-cut answer to this question, but frequently the answer is yes. For example, if you are part of a school project who wishes to perform landscaping, IHNWC welcomes your volunteerism (so long as sufficient advance notice is given, and the need is present). Other types of volunteerism cannot always be accommodated. For example, if you would like to babysit children on a specific day, the likelihood that a family needs babysitting at that moment is low, and family schedules frequently change. All inquiries for specific types of volunteering should be directed to Linda A. Rabolt.


5) My workplace is encouraging teams of volunteers to spend a day                    volunteering with local organizations. Can we help at IHNWC?


With advance notice, volunteer workdays of many sizes can be organized. If your group wishes to work with IHNWC, contact Linda A. Rabolt with your information (eg: desired work date, team size, organizational representation). 

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