What it's like to be in a Family Promise (IHN) shelter (video)


If you and your family are homeless in Warren County, IHNWC may be able to help you. IHNWC is not an emergency shelter (there is no drop in center). If you are interested in entering the shelter, you must first meet with an IHNWC case manager to determine your eligibility. Once accepted, it's immediately time to get to work. You and your case manager will develop a list of goals, which you are responsible for completing. Additionally, there are some requirements for entering IHNWC:

Once you have completed your goals, located housing, and met all requirements placed upon you, you will be housed. Each case is different, but the average stay at IHNWC is 6-7 weeks. There are multiple types of housing opportunities, and they are structured differently. You and your case manager will determine which is best for you.


Contact Linda Rabolt by email (linda@ihnwc.org) or phone (513-934-5250) for intake information.

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Family Shelter



  • All family members must be drug & alcohol free (find rehabilitation services here)

  • Employment within two weeks of entering shelter is mandatory

  • Compliance with all shelter rules is vital for success

  • Cannot be running from abusive relationship (IHNWC is not properly equipped to handle these situations); contact Abuse & Rape Crisis Shelter: (513) 695-1107

  • Cannot be severely mentally ill; contact New Housing Ohio: (513) 554-4567

The pace at IHNWC is different than normal, at-home life. If you do not have your own vehicle (or do not wish to drive), you will need to adjust to IHNWC's transportation schedule. Each week, you will stay in a new room at a different location. All of our overnight locations are climate controlled and have amenities for you and your children. Hot meals are served each night, while you will prepare breakfast and lunch with provided supplies.