Who are the families at IHN?


The story of Joan:

Joan is pregnant and has a 9-year-old daughter Georgi.  Joan has a college education – this is unlike most of our families.  She was in a committed relationship.  She was kicked out of that relationship when she found out that she was pregnant.  Joan works as a substitute teacher, but with the onset of summer the paychecks dried up.  Joan is able to tutor and has been doing so.  Joan has no family in Ohio, and therefore has no support.  She is an excellent parent to Georgi and does not want to take her out of her school and activities.  She wants Georgi to be as normal as possible while they are in crisis.
Joan was a great guest.  She followed her case plan.  She got involved in budgeting classes, parenting classes, attended the Woman’s Center and made contact with all resources.  Georgi was able to go on field trips as planned by volunteers.  They enjoyed the company of the volunteers at the churches, and Joan even was able to get a tutoring job from one of the volunteers.  Ultimately, this family was housed.  Joan completed her community service and was able to glean all of her furniture needs to furnish her new apartment.  Her plan is to continue to substitute teach and hopefully earn a teaching position in her new school district.
Joan, through tearing eyes shared her sincere thanks upon her exit from IHNWC.  She shared that she could not have achieved housing and self-sufficiency without the love, care and concern that was afforded to her.  Mostly she thanked us for allowing her daughter to be “normal” in the midst of a not so normal situation.  When Georgi left, she smiled, waved and left us with this:  "You guys are the best!"

A prior guest enjoying some time outside.